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-(Blues, Jazz, Soul) B.B.King - Ladies & Gentlemen...Mr. B.B.King (10CD Box)-Год издания: 2012
Страна: USA
Жанр: Blues, Jazz, Soul
Продолжительность: 12:48:22
Лейбл издания: Universal Music B.V./Amazon.com Exclusive
Страна-выпуска диска: EU
Номер по каталогу: 0600753384992
Формат: FLAC
Битрейт аудио: lossless
Тип рипа: image+.cue
Наличие сканов в содержимом раздачи: да-

CD 01 - Three O'Clock Blues 1949-1956 | 01:16:07

01.Miss Martha King (02:44)
02.When Your Baby Packs Up And Goes (02:30)
03.Got The Blues (02:47)
04.Take A Swing With Me (02:34)
05.B.B. Boogie (03:13)
06.Don't You Want A Man Like Me (02:22)
07.Fine Looking Woman (02:24)
08.She's Dynamite (02:31)
09.Three O'Clock Blues (03:03)
10.That Ain't The Way To Do It (02:19)
11.You Know I Love You (03:06)
12.Woke Up This Morning (02:58)
13.Please Love Me (02:53)
14.Blind Love (03:06)
15.The Woman I Love (02:41)
16.Whole Lotta' Love (03:10)
17.Everyday I Have The Blues (02:50)
18.Love You Baby (a/k/a Take A Swing With Me) (02:40)
19.When My Heart Beats Like A Hammer (02:56)
20.You Upset Me Baby (03:04)
21.Sneakin' Around (03:03)
22.Shut Your Mouth (02:42)
23.Boogie Rock (03:06)
24.Ten Long Years (02:49)
25.Crying Won't Help You (03:01)
26.Bad Luck (02:55)
27.Troubles, Troubles, Troubles (02:55)

CD 02 - Rock Me Baby 1957-1962 | 01:18:42

01.Sweet Little Angel (03:13)
02.Early In The Morning (02:36)
03.(I'm Gonna) Quit My Baby (02:34)
04.On My Word Of Honor (02:56)
05.Days Of Old (02:30)
06.Recession Blues (02:23)
07.Please Accept My Love (02:34)
08.Everyday I Have The Blues (05:07)
09.Precious Lord (03:23)
10.Sweet Sixteen, Parts 1 & 2 (06:13)
11.Don't Get Around Much Anymore (03:17)
12.I'll Survive (02:42)
13.(I've) Got A Right To Love My Baby (03:15)
14.It's My Own Fault (03:34)
15.You Done Lost Your Good Thing Now (05:11)
16.Walking Dr. Bill (03:42)
17.Catfish Blues (Fishin' After Me) (02:33)
18.Partin' Time (03:02)
19.You're Breaking My Heart (04:14)
20.Rock Me Baby (03:01)
21.Blue Shadows (03:48)
22.The Jungle (03:16)
23.That Evil Child (03:52)

CD 03 - How Blue Can You Get 1962-1966 | 01:17:44

01.You Ask Me (02:11)
02.I'm Gonna Sit In 'Til You Give In (02:14)
03.Blues At Midnight (02:59)
04.My Baby's Coming Home (02:09)
05.Chains Of Love (02:36)
06.Sneaking Around (02:08)
07.Slowly Losing My Mind (02:33)
08.How Blue Can You Get? (02:43)
09.Whole Lotta Lovin' (02:27)
10.I Wonder Why (03:07)
11.Please Accept My Love (02:58)
12.Help The Poor (02:38)
13.Never Trust A Woman (02:37)
14.Worryin' Blues (02:56)
15.Stop Leading Me On (02:25)
16.Everyday I Have The Blues (Live) (03:09)
17.Sweet Little Angel (Live) (04:11)
18.It's My Own Fault (Live) (03:08)
19.How Blue Can You Get (Live) (03:36)
20.Please Love Me (Live) (03:01)
21.Tired Of Your Jive (02:11)
22.All Over Again (02:36)
23.I'd Rather Drink Muddy Water (02:22)
24.Cherry Red (02:27)
25.You're Still A Square (02:24)
26.Don't Answer The Door, Parts 1 & 2 (05:12)
27.Waitin' On You (02:27)
28.Night Life (02:35)

CD 04 - Why I Sing The Blues 1967-1969 | 01:15:34

01.Gambler's Blues (Live) (05:14)
02.Buzz Me (Live) (04:13)
03.Sweet Sixteen, Parts 1 & 2 (Live) (06:14)
04.Think It Over (02:51)
05.I Done Got Wise (02:22)
06.Worried Dream (02:56)
07.Paying The Cost To Be The Boss (02:36)
08.I'm Gonna Do What They Do To Me (02:48)
09.Dance With Me (03:22)
10.Lucille (10:15)
11.Watch Yourself (05:50)
12.You Put It On Me (02:48)
13.Messy But Good (02:36)
14.Get Myself Somebody (02:37)
15.My Mood (Live) (02:48)
16.I Want You So Bad (04:16)
17.Get Off My Back Woman (03:18)
18.Why I Sing The Blues (08:38)

CD 05 - The Thrill Is Gone 1969-1971 | 01:17:47

01.The Thrill Is Gone (05:26)
02.Confessin' The Blues (04:56)
03.So Excited (05:38)
04.No Good (04:38)
05.Go Underground (04:06)
06.Nobody Loves Me But My Mother (01:28)
07.Chains And Things (04:56)
08.Ask Me No Questions (03:10)
09.Hummingbird (04:39)
10.Everyday I Have The Blues (01:43)
11.How Blue Can You Get? (Live) (05:13)
12.Worry, Worry (Live) (09:56)
13.Sweet Sixteen (Live) (05:59)
14.Eyesight To The Blind (Live) (04:04)
15.Niji Baby (Live) (06:23)
16.The Thrill Is Gone (Live) (05:38)

CD 06 - Lucille Talks Back 1971-1977 | 01:17:48

01.I Got Some Help I Don't Need (05:59)
02.Blue Shadows (05:10)
03.Ghetto Woman (05:16)
04.Ain't Nobody Home (03:16)
05.Guess Who (04:11)
06.Five Long Years (05:17)
07.I Like To Live The Love (03:35)
08.To Know You Is To Love You (08:38)
09.Philadelphia (06:00)
10.3 O'Clock Blues (Live) (03:17)
11.Lucille Talks Back (02:29)
12.Reconsider Baby (02:57)
13.Don't Make Me Pay For His Mistakes (03:17)
14.Let The Good Times Roll (Live) (05:40)
15.Don't You Lie To Me (06:10)
16.Mother Fuyer (03:08)
17.The Same Love That Made Me Laugh (03:35)

CD 07 - When It All Comes Down 1978-1983 | 01:13:31

01.When It All Comes Down (I'll Still Be Around) (04:13)
02.Hold On (I Feel Our Love Is Changing) (04:11)
03.Never Make Your Move Too Soon (05:33)
04.Better Not Look Down (03:22)
05.Happy Birthday Blues (03:17)
06.I've Always Been Lonely (05:28)
07.Caldonia (Live) (02:50)
08.I Got Some Help I Don't Need (Live) (05:23)
09.Life Ain't Nothing But A Party (06:16)
10.The Victim (06:18)
11.There Must Be A Better World Somewhere (05:39)
12.Nightlife / Please Send Me Somebody To Love (04:36)
13.Inflation Blues (04:16)
14.Sell My Monkey (03:07)
15.Darlin' You Know I Love You (04:49)
16.Make Love To Me (04:19)

CD 08 - When Love Comes To Town 1985-1993 | 01:18:43

01.Into The Night (04:13)
02.Six Silver Strings (04:22)
03.When Love Comes To Town (featuring U2) (04:18)
04.Standing On The Edge Of Love (05:22)
05.Lay Another Log On The Fire (04:04)
06.Take Off Your Shoes (05:35)
07.Nobody Love Me But My Mother (Live) (08:10)
08.Right Place, Wrong Time (04:02)
09.All Over Again (Live) (07:38)
10.I'm Moving On (04:17)
11.Back In L.A. (05:03)
12.Fool Me Once (04:21)
13.There Is Always One More Time (08:27)
14.Monday Morning Blues (Blues For Mr. G) (04:18)
15.Since I Met You Baby (Live) (04:41)

CD 09 - Blues Man 1993-1999 | 01:16:44

01.Playin' With My Friends (05:20)
02.There's Something On Your Mind (06:01)
03.I Gotta Move Out Of This Neighbourhood / Nobody Loves Me But My Mother (08:59)
04.You Don't Know Me (03:56)
05.Stormy Monday Blues (05:19)
06.Rock Me Baby (Live) (06:22)
07.Confessin' The Blues (04:32)
08.Paying The Cost To Be The Boss (03:35)
09.Blues Man (05:20)
10.Bad Case Of Love (05:29)
11.Blues Boys Tune (03:29)
12.I'll Survive (04:53)
13.Ain't Nobody Here But Us Chickens (02:53)
14.I'm Gonna Move To The Outskirts Of Town (04:52)
15.Ain't That Just Like A Woman (03:33)
16.Caldonia (02:19)

CD 10 - Key To The Highway 2000-2008 | 01:15:47

01.Ten Long Years (with Eric Clapton) (04:41)
02.Key To The Highway (with Eric Clapton) (03:41)
03.I Got To Leave This Woman (03:37)
04.Monday Woman (03:36)
05.Don't Go No Farther (04:09)
06.You're On Top (03:12)
07.Back Door Santa (03:27)
08.Exactly Like You (03:22)
09.Sinner's Prayer (with Ray Charles) (04:26)
10.Early In The Morning (with Van Morrison) (04:50)
11.Rock This House (with Elton John) (03:09)
12.You Have A Way (03:54)
13.Everybody Loves You (03:06)
14.Key To The Highway (Live) (04:27)
15.Midnight Blues (03:45)
16.Get These Blues Off Me (04:30)
17.See That My Grave Is Kept Clean (04:49)
18.Waiting For Your Call (05:58)
19.Haunted House (03:17)

Об исполнителе (группе):

Легенда блюза B.B. King ушел из жизни в возрасте 89 лет в Лас-Вегасе. Музыкант, чья игра и проникновенный вокал вдохновили несколько поколений музыкантов и слушателей, сделал для блюза как жанра множество открытий и стал его знаковой фигурой. В Кинге многие отмечали его удивительную любовь к людям. Только ему могло прийти в голову предложить создать содружество музыкантов, которые не используют в своем творчестве бранные слова по отношению к представительницам прекрасного пола. Только он мог вытащить на сцену Montreux Jazz Festival вконец оробевшего молодого гитариста и предложить "прямо сейчас поджемовать".
Об смерти Кинга сообщил официальный представитель музыканта Брент Брайсон (Brent Bryson). По его словам, музыкант, страдавший от диабета и высокого давления, скончался во сне в собственном до ме в Вегасе.
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